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United States
Howdy. I am a 14 year old artist in 8th grade who is striving to become a professional. My passion for art started when I was very little, when I was in elementary school. I always used to draw blocky horses, eventually becoming better at drawing them.
I remember, going into 4th or 5th grade drawing a very very good piece of artwork, that had about a little bit less of a level as I had now, at least in terms of anatomy. (I didn't shade at the time.) I had stopped drawing horses eventually, though. I still draw the occasional horse, deer, goat and etc, though it would be a once-in-a-bluemoon find.
I became more and more interested in dragons, dinosaurs, and griffions. I started drawing them more and more. Eventually, it became a stress reliever and sort of a vent to express myself, due to, a few years ago in 2014, my dad passed away and a bunch of other real-life drama and bullying, in-school and at home. But what people couldn't take from me were my pencil, my eraser, and my paper.
I started to get much better despite all of the horrible mental hits I got, which, in turn, made me have depression. Enough sad-talk, though.
Eventually, I started doing digital art, and, I was always passionate even if it took 3 hours just to color everything. I started to get better, learning about this neat program called PaintToolSAI and learning about layers. I fiddled with what I can do with it (Still experimenting with the program to this day!) and I learned so much. I started to learn how to shade, color, do backgrounds (Which i still suck at, haha), and do better outlining with tapering and bolding. And then, we get to the present-day, in which I am still learning, still drawing. Still trying to find which kind of art passion fits me, even. (Tried clay, animation, some 3D modeling)
A few things that I also love are:
Choir class
Art class
Gaming class
Math class (Wow, I never thought i'd ever say that xD)
Alicia Online
The Isle
Youtubers (Top favorite 3):
1. Chadtronic
2. Markiplier
3. Jerma985


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One OC only. 
If the colors/designs are extremely complex, I will simplify them. Please don't complain, this is free art you're getting! However, if you would like to say how you'd want it simplified is okay! Just please don't go "YOU MUST PUT THESE COMPLEX MARKINGS ON THE CHARACTER!!!" or be extremely picky about it. I'm still learning how to do markings, and I'll maybe challenge myself, but please have mercy on this soul. 
*A reference/description of what you want 
*What you'd like as a background:

Background options:
Custom (Please add description for this. I will not do complex backgrounds.)

*The drawing will have basic shading/lighting.

*Currently, I will only make 2 headshots of either a:
Carnivorous Dinosaur (Raptor, T. rex, carnotaurus, etc)

*Any other tidbits of info, such as emotions

*The drawing(s) will be done in a few days
First come first serve
*However, if you did not read the requirements and I see that you've failed to meet them, I will not draw it and I will draw the oc of the next person in line.

1. CLOSED- Taken by Chocacrow
2. CLOSED- Taken by CittyKat17587
  • Listening to: Pandora radio
  • Watching: Chadtronic
  • Playing: Nothing at the moment
  • Drinking: Lemonade
EDIT 3/5/17 : most of this stuff is extremely old. Most info here is irrelevant to now.

Tagged by :iconsubvisser-mag-1042:

The rules:
1. You have to post ALL the rules

2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves

3. Answer 13 questions and then invent 13 questions to ask those that you tag. 

4. Choose 13 people 

5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people

6. You CANNOT say you do not do tags.
i barely have deviantart buds hun, I'm not famous. Can't and won't tag.
7. tag backs are ALLOWED (fixed that for ya, title-it-yourself ;) (Wink) )

8. You must make a JOURNAL ENTRY, *no comments are allowed (unless the comments are about said Journal Entry)
*why tho?

9. You have to finish within a week
10. Be creative with the title, none of those "I've Been Tagged!" stuff.
13 Things about me
1. I traditional more than i digital art
2. When I was a little itty bitty child I used to draw horses, not dinosaurs or dragons as I do now.
3. First crush eventually became my one and only boyfriend of today <3
4. I use a mouse, I've never even touched a drawing tablet in my life. (EDIT 3/5/17 I HAVE A WACOM NOW)
5. I like chores. I'm a weird woman.
6. I want to get into game making. (Animation, modeling, coding...)
7. Choir and Art are my favorite school electives
8.I do not like going outside. (Insects, etc.)
10. I am not very active and I hate being pushed to. I don't need to. I'm skinny :/ (Hence why I hate Phy ed...)
11. Next school year is my last year as a Middle schooler.
12.Favorite core class was my 7/8 hour english class
13. Favorite type of food is italian food.
Questions from :iconsubvisser-mag-1042:
1. Triangles
Find X.

2. Can you swim well?
Nope. Sorry. I'm a boulder.

3. HeLLO 
It's me

4. So in a world of potatoes with flying potato cars, would you be a potato or a tomato?
Tomato. It would be some weird fucking thing to be a potato, while in a car made of potatos.
Some would have to have been dead to even make the car in the first place xD

5. I just woke up. I wake up by pouring soda all over my face and slapping myself a few times while putting my head under ice cold water and soda. How do you wake up?
Not very well. I wake up slowly. Almost like a zombie arising from it's grave.

6. What the shit is your eye colour yo? 
Dark green with a large, beautiful golden yellow ring around the pupil.

No hun.

8. How good is your memory? Is it as shitty as mine?
Depends on my health and mental state (Emotions, stress... etc)

9. What fandoms are you currently in? Any I like? oooo any I liiiikeeee? 
Undertale and Osu. I want to get into the Swords Art Online anime but I can't really do that. (I don't have any kind of crunchyroll account or anything fancy like that)

10. What IS your favourite fictional character?
2.Sans           (NOT shipped. Don't interpret that in that way.)

11. You order a pizza and you ask for no mushrooms but they give you those stinky old mushrooms anyways? What do you do to the delivery guy?
I'd probably say "Take it back." and close the door.

12. I am such trash.
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Too many Undertale things
  • Watching: Undertale
  • Playing: Undertale
  • Eating: Spaghetti
  • Drinking: Air


> wacom tablet's pressure pen suddenly stops working
>internal screaming
hhn sorry for inactivity, got a lot of school stuff to be done.


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